Yes, it's true. Justin Beiber cut his hair.  So did Jennifer Aniston but Jen's cut didn't quite cause the buzz that Beiber's did.  Those signature long locks are gone. I know you are interested in this because yesterday it was the most googled search term.  I don't know I guess when I was a teen this kind of thing would have been a big deal to me too, but I'm approaching uh...well never mind, but it seems a little crazy to me these days.  So if you were following frivolous news like the unrest in Libya,  rising gas prices, DEA agent killings in Mexico and you missed the breaking Beiber news you are now in the know!!  Glad I could help.

Anyway, after the haircut Justin recorded a video with Rascal Flatts so we will watch for that soon.  Oh, and the hair; well it's going to charity.

Bieber also Tweeted: "Yeah so it's true...I got a lil haircut...I like it. We are giving all the hair cut to CHARITY to auction."