So this woman decides that the 6 kids she had weren't enough and goes and has 8 more and now she can't pay her bills.  BIG surprise!! Nadya Suleman the woman who is famous for having 8 babies via in-vitro when she already had 6 kids at home now she can't seem to make the payments on her house so she is now having a car wash to help

raise the money.  She plans on charging $20-$30 for most cars SUV's will be extra.  This woman owes $450,000 on her home so let's do some math here.  At $20 a car she would have to wash 22,500 cars; at $30 a car it brings it down to only 15,000 cars.  Now in her defense she has enlisted some "celebrity" help from Tila Tequila and Charile Sheen's ex-porn star friend Capri Anderson.  I really don't know anyone that would spend that much money on a car wash by some wanna-bee's but then again people never cease to amaze me.    Oh, did I mention they would be wearing bikini's?  Yeah, picture that one!  The car wash is set for June 18th, I'll try to follow this one up and see how much she makes.