It's gonna be a whole new season and that of course means the teams of the NFL need a little makeover. So Nike has come up with some concept ideas for each team but they haven't been approved by the team owners just yet. The owners ultimately have the final say when it comes to their teams uniforms. If the owners don't approve it, it doesn't happen.

Cleats and gloves for teams were revealed during the NFL Pro Bowl; jerseys will come later in April. The gloves are called Nike Vapor Jet and the cleats are Nike Vapor Talon Elite. Nike has set out to revamp their performance wear for the teams. They've already done so for college ball now it's time for the pros. Many of the teams have said they are not changing their uniforms or logos and have made it clear that only they do that NOT Nike.

Nike has hit it pretty hard though already running promotional teaser adds for the new looks for the upcoming season.

Let's just take the Dallas Cowboys for example, since they are "America's Team"(or have they lost that title?). If it was up to Nike this is what they think the uniforms of the Dallas Cowboys should look like.

For more concept uniforms check out this link: