If you thought that Justin Moore’s video for ‘’Til My Last Day’, which features live clips and home video footage, was heartfelt and emotional, just wait until you see the new version.

The new version follows the story of a young married couple. The husband is constantly falling to peer pressure, as his friends pull up to the house and take him out for what seems to be a day of drinking beer and hanging out with his pals. Meanwhile, his wife is left home alone to tend to their little, old, somewhat run down house. The story stays the same, day after day, with the husband regularly falling asleep on the couch, and waking up only to leave the house and go with his friends.

In actuality, the husband is spending his days with his friends building the young couples’ dream house. When it seems as though the wife has had enough of her husband’s slacker behavior, he blindfolds her and takes her off to their beautiful, newly built home. That’s where all of their friends are waiting to celebrate with a champagne toast for the young couple. Cue hugging, kissing and crying.

This is one of those videos that makes you appreciate the song even more.

Moore seems to have a knack for tear-jerking videos. ‘If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away’ was as heartfelt as anything, and ‘Small Town USA’ waxed sentimental, too. But this new version of ''Til My Last Day' ranks up there among the most emotional. Check it out: