Dwight Yoakam hasn't had a CD of original material since 2005. I suppose you could say he's been focusing on his acting career during that time, as he's been in 9 different films. But Yoakam is changing all of that with the release of '3 Pears' on September 18th.

According to The Tennessean, Dwight will be showing off a softer side of his personality. One that he's never shown in his 25+ years as a country music singer. He says:

"Every song on here at some point turns back to the emotion of love, toward someone in a relationship. In the case of me, there are personal touchstones in my life. Things are composites a lot. I don't generally detail my personal life verbatim. There's a certain romance about life in the large sense of what we're all experiencing together that I'm trying to communicate to whoever is listening."

Dwight Yoakam credits his close friend and rock singer and producer Beck for lending his talents to the album and performing on 2 of the songs. Beck talked Dwight into keeping things "simple and honest."

For now, you can catch a clip of 'Trying' from '3 Pears' on Yoakam's official website.

Here's a look at Dwight Yoakam's '3 Pears' track list:

1. Take Hold of My Hand

2. Waterfall

3. Dim Lights, Thick Smoke

4. Trying

5. Nothing But Love

6. It’s Never Alright

7. A Heart Like Mine

8. Long Way to Go

9. Missing Heart

10. 3 Pears

11. Rock it All Away

12. Long Way to Go (Reprise)

In other Dwight Yoakam news, he will be honored a week after '3 Pears' drops by the Academy of Country Music with the Cliffie Stone Pioneer Award at the 6th Annual ACM Honors ceremony on Sept. 24th. The prestigious award honors individuals who are pioneers in the country music genre. And Dwight Yoakam is exactly that.

Here's Dwight's video for 'The Heart That You Own':