Really? A NASCAR driver speeding? Never saw that one coming and it wasn't on the track therefore he loses his license for 45 days.  Kyle Busch passed 3 patrol  cars that were heading to lunch while he was test driving a Lexus sports car on loan to him for 24 hrs.  The first patrolman clocked him at 128mph, the second at 79mph and the third at 59mph.

NASCAR driver Kyle Busch was doing 128 mph in a 45mph zone near a church and day-care center. He was cited for reckless driving and speeding. He plead guilty to those charges in court and was sentenced to 30 hours community service, fined $1000, 1 year of unsupervised probation and loses his drivers license for 45 days.

He was test driving a bright yellow Lexus sports car when he and his wife,who was also in the car, were pulled over.

Okay, this should be obvious but if you're going to speed, you might want a car that doesn't stick out!

He plans to do his community service with the B.R.A.K.E.S (Be Responsible And Keep Everyone Safe) organization that teaches safe teen driving.  He will sponsor 300 kids in the program and even do some special sessions with the teen drivers.

Lucky for him it is not required that he have a license in order to compete on the track. So NASCAR fans relax he'll be back on the track where it's legal to do 128 mph. Actually, that's the slow lane in NASCAR.