For over 6 years I've invited our listeners to join me on the various Rudy Cruises. During that time I learned how to scuba and started perfecting my scuba diving skills. This past Rudy Cruise, for the first time ever, we were diverted because of hurricane Irene. It became very clear early into to the cruise that Irene was going where we had planned to go. So after one day at sea our Carnival Conquest captain informed us that the new destinations would be, Costa Maya, Cozumel and Progresso Mexico. I used my communication skills to rebook scuba diving excursions at said new locations. What you seen next is what my friend Umberto of Dreamtime Dive Center showed us in Costa Maya Mexico. Enjoy the underwater scenery.

First off let me describe Costa Maya. In my opinion it's kind of like a cross between Cozumel meets Grand Cayman. The cleanliness and "grand splendor" of her Majesties Grand Cayman and the thriftiness and hospitality of Cozumel. That said, this was one of, if not the best dives ever merely because the people of Dreamtime scuba made sure that each and everyone's needs were met and then exceeded. These guys carried all our scuba gear out and they provided us beverages and snacks. I made a mention to the Dreamtime Team that a lot of the people that were with the Rudy Cruise had no experience snorkeling. That is where booking with a "registered and certified P.A.D.I. dive shop" made the difference because everyone on that excursion had a blast and saw things they may never see again in their lifetime.

One thing that was learned by all was that the infamous lion fish is not indigenous to the Caribbean northe Atlantic and it is very destructive simply because it has no enemies there and it destroys more that it helps. Our dive master Sara is a master lion fish fishing/hunting and she harvested 80 lion fish with the use of an old Hawaiian hand spear. She also brought to our attention all of the little fish that bring balance to the aquatic universe. For a while there the whole world was at peace and in balance. I have often said "if you don't believe in God, go scuba diving and take a look around and you'll change your thinking." There's a beautiful world down there I hope you'll join us next year when the Rudy Cruise will visit Belize, Roatan and Cozumel Sept. 16th 2012.