Carrie Underwood’s hockey-star husband Mike Fisher made headlines a couple weeks ago when the Ottawa Senators announced they were trading him to the Nashville Predators.

Mike Fisher, a mainstay with the Senators for the last ten years, tells Dial-Global that he expected the backlash from his Senator fans. “I laugh about those things,” he said. He’s also shrugging off the Music City headlines referring to him as ‘Carrie Underwood’s Husband.’ “I’m used to it,” he admitted. “It’s to be expected. This is where she is. Some people know me down here and hopefully I can make a name for myself.”

While initially hesitant about the move, Mike thinks Nashville is a great opportunity for him as a player to start enjoying the game of hockey again, following a rocky season with the Senators. Getting away from the media buzz surrounding hockey in Canada to the more laid-back Nashville was a plus too.

“It’s been the toughest season I’ve had as a player, ever,” said Mike. “It’s not fun losing. You’re always under the microscope. There’s the same questions every day. Down here, there’s less pressure from the media and I think it allows guys to go out and play the game the best they can and not have those other pressures. For me, I think it’ll be a good thing.”

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