So you own a Lamborghini or maybe a Ferrari. They go really fast but do you drive as fast as they will go? You do if you are along with 14 other luxury car owners that have cars as fast as yours. That is what happened in Japan when one car switched lanes causing a massive wreck and probably the most expensive wreck of luxury cars ever.

In Japan Sunday a group of 14 luxury car owners were headed to a motor festival in Hiroshima when things got out of control. Witness say the cars were doing about 90 MPH when one of the Ferrari's changed lanes, hit a barrier, spun out and crossed the lanes sending the other drivers scrambling to avoid hitting him but ending up crashing into each other.

One person has significant injuries but most were treated for only minor cuts and bruises. It seems most of the injuries were to the cars. No official estimates have been given by authorities but it's been reported anywhere from $1 million -$4 million in damages. Many of the cars are not salvageable and will be a total loss to the owners.