Morgan Freeman is an amazing actor. It seems as though there's nothing he can't do. Nothing, that is, except stay awake while conducting a live television interview.

Freeman and fellow legendary actor Michael Caine were in New York doing a satellite interview with KPCQ-Seattle to promote their new movie, 'Now You See Me', and the early morning talk show proved to be a little too early for the 75-year old star. As Caine sits beside, you see Freeman with his eyes closed, nodding approval as he slowly drifts off into la-la land. They cut to a clip of the movie, and before too long, Morgan is slumped over in his chair, appearing to be out cold.

Like a champion, Freeman was able to revive himself in time to field a question directed toward him.

Bill Wixley, one of the interviewers, later jokingly tweeted:

"Morgan Freeman fell asleep on @KaciAitchison and I while interviewing him on @Q13FOX, I have that effect on people. So sorry to interrupt Morgan Freeman's sleep."

Co-host Kaci Aitchison had a great sense of humor about the situation, too:

"Morgan Freeman just fell asleep to the sound of our soothing voices."

Morgan Freeman posted this response on his Facebook page:

Regarding my recent interview, I wasn't actually sleeping. I'm a beta tester for Google Eyelids and I was merely taking the opportunity to update my Facebook page.

In the interest of helping Morgan Freeman promote 'Now You See Me', it looks like an amazing film, and it opens Friday, May 31st.