Chimps seem so friendly and lovable but as one woman found out more than 2 years ago that isn't always the case. They are indeed a wild animal and when they go rogue it can be deadly at the worst, disfiguring at the least. Charla Nash's face and hands were ripped off during an attack by Travis the chimp, a friends pet, and changed her life forever.

Charla's nose, mouth and hands were ripped off and she was left permanently blind. A few months ago Charla received the first ever double hand and face transplant.

Her hand transplant was met with complications when Charla developed pneumonia and circulation

problems resulted in the hands having to be removed. However, it did not affect the face transplant. A cadaver donation was used to replace Charla's face, that is now forming to her own bone structure.

Charla is now able to smell, talk, breathe on her own and even smile. Plus, she has not been able to eat solid food since the attack, her first meal was scrambled eggs with cream cheese.

Charla's procedure lasted more than 20 hours with over 12 doctors helping. Twenty hours that have restored a woman's wish to be normal again.