A Milwaukee mom watching the news sees her own children on a surveillance video as part of a mob that robbed a store. She confronts her kids about the situation and they admit being apart of the mob. She then turns them into the local police.

"Kizzy" was watching the news when a video of a mob of kids robbing a store plays. She notices a familiar face, pauses the t.v., runs the video back and sees yet another one of her kids. Two of her children, a 15 year old son and a 13 year old daughter were both part of a mob robbery. She called local authorities and turned her children in. She says they have never been in trouble before and this is not the way she has raised them. Therefore, this was the right thing that had to be done.

The kids were cited for disorderly conduct, retail theft and breaking curfew.

Hopefully they learned their lesson. Mom did the right thing.

This story reminded me of something I saw just the other day at the grocery store. A mom and her young daughter were at the customer service desk taking care of some business. The little girl had stolen a pack of gum, mom did not know about this until after leaving the store. She marched the little girl back into the store where she made her pay for the gum and apologize. Don't know what happened after that but I'm sure there was some "grounding" going on at the very least.

I respected that mother and I think fear was probably struck into that little girl. She probably won't be doing that again.