Taylor Swift surely loves receiving praise from her fans, music critics and anybody else who will say how much they love her new CD, 'Red'. But one has to think that the ultimate compliment comes from a fellow musician. Especially one who is as well loved and respected in the country music industry as Miranda Lambert.

As she spent Sunday traveling, Miranda, who has never been one to toss out kind words if she doesn't believe they're deserved, tweeted of the new Taylor CD:

"Plane music..RED. @taylorswift13 you sure know how to write a heart felt heartbroke song. Hot Pics too! #girlscanlearnfromeachother:)"

Although the two may seem to have a lot in common - they're both blonde country music singer/songwriters - Miranda Lambert and Taylor Swift have very different styles. Miranda has a sassy edge to the songs she writes, while Taylor's approach is a far more sweet, innocent one. Swift crosses genre boundaries between country and pop music, and Lambert is a straight-forward country girl with few aspirations to cross over from country music that we can see.

And, of course, there's the obvious: Miranda is married, and Taylor's dating life is almost as much a topic of discussion as her music. Just ask Ellen Degeneres.

Miranda Lambert isn't the only one who loves Taylor Swift. Expect 'Red' to be the biggest selling album of the year, with the potential of breaking all-time sales records. After all, the first single from 'Red', 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' became the fastest selling single in iTunes history.

Here's the video for 'Begin Again', from Taylor Swift's CD, 'Red':