I was cruising Facebook and ran across this video and had to check it out. It's a 3D custom printer that will print makeup for you to wear. You can find any product on the internet, copy the color code and print it out and use it on your face! How cool would that be?

The TechCrunch Disrupt technology conference was held this week in New York. This is where inventors present their products to panels and the public. Grace Choi is the woman behind this Mink Printer. This isn't her first invention so she knows how the process works and I really think this will become a reality in the not too distant future.

Basically you can find any photo on the internet, copy the hex (color) code and then print. The color is then printed and you have your eye shadow or blush. She is also working to have the printer be able to print colored creams like foundations and lipsticks as well.

While this is still just a prototype, I think she might be on to something. She expects the printers to run about $300 initially, but also explains how you will save money with it in the long run.

Watch a demonstration of how the Mink Printer would work:

So what do you think; would you purchase a  Mink Printer?