If you have a child of elementary age you've probably heard of "Flat Stanley". Flat Stanley is a paper cutout that the kids put in the mail and send him off on adventures. He has his pictures taken all over the states or world even and returns with the photos and documentation of his travels. The kids learn of different states or parts of the world from Stanley's adventures. The military has now taken that idea a step further for those families that have a member overseas serving our country.

The military has made life size cut outs of their family members so the kids have mommy or daddy with them. Even the spouses it find it comforting to have "Flat Daddy" around. For instance the wife of one soldier was giving birth while her husband was serving in Afghanistan, he was actually killed in action, but she had "Flat Daddy" there in the hospital room as she gave birth.

This is a neat idea I think, kids can keep mommy or daddy in their room and see them everyday even though they are half a world away.