I've only watched Jersey Shore a few times (and I hate admitting to that) but I have to say these people are marketing themselves like nobody's business.  They are not only making tons of money off of the MTV reality show but they have lucrative endorsement deals as well.  Check out The Situations latest endorsement of a lollipop!Lollipops are for kids you say?  Well not this one it costs $25!  Yes, $25 bucks....begging the question; "whose the sucker?"

Today the Sugar Factory released a couture lollipop for The Situation of Jersey Shore fame.  What makes these so special.  Well, the handle is made of rhinestones, in this case, in the colors of the Italian flag.  Those being red,white and green.  Also these are refillable.  You can buy the refills (lollipop heads) 3 for $12.

The Situation isn't the only celebrity that has teamed up with the company.  Britney Spears, Kim Kardashian, Nicole Scherzinger, Mel B. and others also have a line of couture lollipops with the company.

You can find these lollipops and more online at sugarfactory.com or on their Facebook page.