Mike Ryan is coming to the Lucky Mule Friday night (8/9) for the KEAN 105 Free Summer Concert Series, and took some time to visit with us and talk about his new single, what he's learning from fellow songwriters and more. 

The first part of our conversation included discussion about his latest single. Mike tells us "This is a song written by Adam Hood and Blu Sanders...When we were putting together songs for this last album, I had one or two slots I was still looking to fill. I tend to be a ballad writer, and I've got several other tunes that would have been able to go on the CD, but was looking for something a bit more upbeat, easy-listening, I guess. Not so deep and dark...it was early on one of my favorites of the bunch that [Hood] sent us.". Take a listen to part one of our interview here:

Here's Mike Ryan's latest single, '57 Songs', co-written by Adam Hood and Blu Sanders.

I pointed out that I thought Mike was a pretty good songwriter when I first met him over 3 years ago, and asked him about whether he gives himself enough credit as a songwriter."I'm definitely very confident in my ability as a songwriter, but I also understand that there's a lot I have yet to learn in the realm of songwriting. So mainly, I just look forward to the learning experiences and getting to get in the rooms and write with other people who have been doing it for a lot longer and had a lot of success." We also talked about whether he's had any "a-ha moments" along the way in his music career. Here's what he had to say:

Find out the latest on what Mike's up to at MikeRyanBand.com, and keep in touch with his on his Facebook and Twitter pages, too. You can also download Mike Ryan's music from iTunes, or do what I like to do - go to a show, buy a CD and get it autographed!