Meghan Linsey is hard at work, hoping to raise enough support to make her new solo CD. While the former singer for Steel Magnolia has already been in the studio since parting ways with her former duet partner Joshua Scott Jones, Linsey is looking to make an EP. For this project, she's launched a pledge campaign to raise funds.

In a message posted on Meghan's YouTube channel, she explains that you can make a pledge by going to her official website "It's just a really cool way to get you guys involved and to get my EP out to you guys. All this music I've been working on for so long." Check out Meghan's message:

Fans can go to Meghan's website and pledge anywhere from $5 for a digital copy of her EP, all the way up to $5,000 for a private house show. There's also some out-of-the-ordinary items, like $350 for a puppy play date with Meghan and her dogs or a mani-pedi with Linsey. Here are some of the other highlights of what Meghan Linsey has to offer for your pledge:

  • $5 - The new EP download and exclusive updates from the studio
  • $20 - A personalized, signed copy of the new Meghan Linsey EP
  • $20 - A limited edition t-shirt
  • $75 - An exclusive, pledgers-only concert in Nashville
  • $500 - A day with Meghan in the studio
  • $800 - Meghan will write a song about you
  • $1,500 - Passes to all of Meghan's shows through 2015

There are several other items to go check out, so if you want to be a part of the making of Meghan Linsey's album, you can. And there's plenty of cool incentive for you to do so. Linsey has also posted a pretty funny video on her pledge page that's worth watching.