I get an email from one of my record reps last week asking if we would like to have Joe Ely stop by and visit.....ummmm...YEAH!
So Wednesday Joe, that's what I call him, stops by and visits for few minutes, signs autographs and takes pics.

Now I don't know how many stars you have met, I've met a few and it seems the ones with the most success are the least vain and most friendly. A few years ago, I'm on my way to work listening to the radio and hear Chubby Checker is in the studio....now I pick up speed (just a little) and get to work so as not to miss him. I did get to meet him and he was so super nice, just sat and talked, took pics with the staff it was one of the highlights of my career. The same can be said for Joe Ely. Super nice guy with no chip on his shoulder or grudge against anyone in the business, not that I could see anyway. He's a Grammy winner has tons of songs and stories and I wished he could have stayed longer and shared more. Hopefully he will be back this way soon with a show and his new music. Yes, that's the reason for the visit, he's making the radio station tour just like all the new comers. He's not resting on his laurels, he's out there on the road promoting his upcoming album. The album is called "Satisfied At Last". You can pre-order the album through Amazon or just wait and buy it in stores on June 7th.  We have and are playing his new single "You Can Bet I'm Gone", so listen up to hear it or of course call me during request hour (12p-1p)!! Check out my pic with the legend, aren't we cool!