The Dallas Mavericks pulled it off last night and beat the Heat 105-95; they won the championship and bragging rights for the next year.  Usually the winning team gets a huge ring to wear long after the bragging rights have faded but owner  Mark Cuban seems to have something else planned for his players.  When asked during the post game press conference what kind of ring his players would wear he said

"I'll tell you something, I might not get rings," Cuban said.  "Rings are old school."

So what does that mean exactly?  Probably that Cuban has something better in mind, but I'm not sure what that could be.  And he's not saying just yet.  If I were a player I would want the "ring"; it's tradition.  However, Cuban has never been one to follow the leader.

So if there isn't a ring what do think each player should get to commemorate this winning year; the first in Maverick's franchise history? A  special edition car maybe?