The Dirty River Boys are making their long-awaited return to the Lucky Mule Friday night (6/7) for the Taste of Country Concert Series. These guys put on an amazing show that you won't want to miss. Marco Gutierrez from The DRB joined the KEAN 105 Afternoon Show to talk about the concert, the new album they're working on, their radio single, 'Desert Wind' and more.

We started the conversation talking about the fact that it's been a while since The Dirty River Boys have been to Abilene. Marco says, "We haven't been back [to Abilene]. We're really excited to finally get back. It feels like we've been in 'on-the-road-land' for about 20 years of our lives, so it's always good to get back to a city that we enjoy playing in, and we're real excited about that." While the band's studio music is great, I pointed out that I tell people that Dirty River Boys are a band that needs to be seen live to fully appreciate. Gutierrez responded, "We always try and give it 110% every time we play. It's not that the CD's are bad, they're just different. And I think it's a different aspect of us, what we can do in the studio as opposed to what we do live. You know, we hear that so many times, 'you need to see them live to get it'. So, yeah, if that can entice any of you folks out there to come out, please, let it." I agree. Let it!

The Dirty River Boys have been in the studio in the past few months working on their new CD, and while it's not released yet, Marco gave us the inside scoop as to what we can expect from the new stuff, telling us, "This new album that's coming out, I think it's the closest we've goten to replicating that live energy while keeping it polished in the studio. We have no release date for the new album, but just to get the word out, there is one coming this year."

Marco also talked about the band's new single, 'Desert Wind', and gave all the praise to the songwriter, and his band mate. He says, "Nino [Cooper] can write. He can write the radio hits. I envy his ability to just have a good hook in a song and, you know, not make it cheesy. I think that's what a lot of bad music on the's real catchy, but it's real cheesy. The reason I love playing this song live, and I'm glad we finally got it on an mp3 is, it's a catchy song but there's still some heart in it."

Gutierrez got a more into detail about the new CD, making me want a copy of it all the more. He says, "With the last [album], it was pretty multi-genreal, if that's even a word. But this one, we have a few straight up rock and roll songs that I think will fly on rock radio. We have a few just singer-songwriter acoustic, kind of what we used to do on our first couple of records, then CJ [Colton James] has a Celtic sounding Irish song. It's completely all over the board, but like I said, it's closer to capturing that live show energy that we try to give out." Gutierrez went on to explain that their new producer made a huge difference in the energy on the upcoming CD. "We had a killer producer. His name is Frenchie Smith right here in Austin. And his energy in the studio was unlike anything I've ever seen in a studio. I felt like I was at a rock show, the way he was pumping his fist, and jumping off chairs and kick drums. It was awesome. That definitely helped bring out the energy in the studio...he's a character, man. Good vibes and positive energy, it's contagious." Take a listen to the full interview here with Marco Gutierrez of The Dirty River Boys here:

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