Don't ever feel sorry for yourself and say you "can't" do something. A man with NO arms is an archery record holder with dreams of being in next years paralympics in London. I'm pretty sure the word "can't" isn't in HIS vocabulary.

Matt Stutzman was born with out arms but it hasn't stopped him from trying and succeeding at most everything. He was told as a kid, by his parents, to try to find a way to do things on his own first before they would help him. Knowing they wouldn't always be there to help him at all times; he had to learn to find his own way.

Matt uses his feet as his hands, which he says is the strongest part of his body. Two years ago he figured out a release system on his bow using his feet. He has also set an archer record, beating the previous record holder who had 2 arms. He shot 230 yards to grab the record for longest shot on target and that was with no arms!!

He now has his sights set on the 2012 paralympics in London.