How would you like for your fiance to surprise you with a wedding? Pretty romantic right? What if you only had a couple of hours until the wedding took place and you had no forewarning at all? A man put the whole wedding together for his fiance, popped the question and said great how about right now!!

This couple had discussed wedding plans and had even planned to elope but the groom decided he wanted to throw a surprise wedding for his fiance and have all her friends and family present.
For over a year this man would ask questions, take notes and ended putting it all together for a surprise wedding. He had the center pieces she wanted, the dresses for bridesmaids, flowers, food, hairdresser and even a manicurist available; everything was exactly what she had planned.

Once they decided they would elope she put it all behind her except her dress. She had one picked out to take with her, however, the groom went to the seamstress and asked that they tell her the dress wouldn't be ready for a while. He went in and picked it up the Friday before the wedding and had it at the location for her to put on.

Check out the video of the proposal, wedding and how he planned the whole thing without her knowing.