A lot of people have hit bad times. The economy is down and work is scarce. One man from Oregon lost his job 2 years ago and so he decided to move to Arizona and try his luck there. No big deal, people move all the time in order to find employment. What makes this man different is the way he is moving. He doesn't have a car so he loaded up his lawnmower and hit the road.

He says his unemployment is running out and he needed to find a job so he decided to move to Arizona. He hasn't driven in 20 years due to bad eye sight and so his lawnmower seemed to be a good option, I guess.

He loaded up what little he had, including his dog, and hit the road. He's traveling only 4 miles an hour and get about 15 miles to the gallon. He hopes to be in Arizona by Christmas.

I wish him the best!! You gotta admit he has tenacity.