Luke Bryan released what will surely become the official summer anthem of 2013. The song called "Just A Sip" is an all out party song that has one looking forward to the weekend, with the promise of a sip of beer or whiskey to expedite the journey. The video on the other hand was shot during a single event, Luke Bryan's concert in Panama City, Florida during spring break earlier this year. There's not a lot of real "substance" to this video, just a lot of college students in bathing suits, drinking and just having a good time jamming to Luke's music. 

Remember this video was shot prior to Luke Bryan being named "Entertainer of the Year" by the Academy. It shows Bryan doing what he does best, entertaining thousands of young people. Evidence why Luke is the Entertainer of the year. Check it out, does it make you want to party?

Luke Bryan - "Just A Sip"