KEAN 105 has your chance to go see and meet Luke Bryan in Florida as he winds down his tour. You never know what might happen at one of his shows, and Luke proved that when he invited an adorable young lady on stage to sing at a recent concert in New Jersey.

The young girl named Kylee stole the show in the moments she was onstage crashing the 'Crash My Party' singer's show. The little girl was decked out for a country show, complete with a pint-sized cowgirl hat, boots and a plaid shirt, and she played the part of a miniature country superstar. While on stage, Luke Bryan star began playing his hit 'Someone Else Calling You Baby,' and instead of Luke singing to her, Kylee began singing to him! As a matter of fact, Kylee sang, danced and pumped her fist like a natural entertainer. Check out the video:

When she was done, Bryan shouted, "Y'all give it up for Kylee!" Then he asked his tiny co-star, "Can I sign you to a record deal tonight? Are you cool with that?". She responded, "Yeah!", to which Bryan said, "Kylee just got a record deal right here tonight. I have never seen a child do what she just did onstage."