The duo Love and Theft is made up of Stephen Barker Liles and Eric Gunderson, both of which sing the lead vocals and play guitar. The last time we heard from this dynamic duo was in 2012, when they stalled out at No.38 on the charts with the song "Running Out Of Air." Prior to that It looked as if the guys were on top of the world with their No.1 hit song "Angel Eyes" and that was back in 2011. Today the boys are back using their tight harmonies on their newest song release "If You Ever Get Lonely."

Amid mixed reviews from the "country music industry critics," Love and Theft continues to gain support and grow their fan base through music, shows and their social media contacts. It's no wonder these guys are at nearly every awards show on television. Love and Theft are loved by their (mainly female) fans who go out and support their live shows and are buying their music. Some critics say that "Love and Theft are just too Pop sounding" while others have accused them of "not having emotional ties to or feeling the lyrics in their songs."

It doesn't matter what their critics think or say, the fact remains these guys are rocking out their fans and are currently on the Tim McGraw "2 Lanes Of Freedom Tour." Their current single "If You Ever Get Lonely" just debuted on the national "Top 100 Country Singles" chart. Give it a listen and then tell me what you think.

Love and Theft - If You Ever Get Lonely (album version)