In 1992 a band called Lonestar hit the country music scene and sold over 10 million albums, scored 18 Top 10 hits and had 9 #1 hits. They are probably best known for a hit that crossed over to the pop side of things as well, "Amazed". Richie McDonald, Michael Britt, Keech Rainwater, and Dean Sams (and John Rich for a time) made up the band until about 4 years ago when lead singer McDonald took a hiatus. The great news today is that McDonald is back and the band will be releasing a new album this summer.

The group recently announced that they would be releasing a new album titled "Life as We Know It" on June 4th. The group actually, reunited on tour last year and McDonald says this time around they all plan on enjoying and savoring the moment a little more than they did the first time around.

The band also took more creative control with this album, actually producing it and writing 9 of it's 12 songs. The band has also just released a video to CMT, for their second single from the album, "Maybe Someday".

Lonestar will perform at the upcoming Stagecoach Festival in California, April 26-28. They then will begin a major national tour with dates TBA.

Maybe Someday