Looks like Lindsay, no matter what, will have to do some jail time.I think things have finally caught up to Lindsay and this judge doesn't seem to care who she is, saying she will have to do some jail time, no matter what.  Aww, poor girl.  She can't seem to get it together, has been given way more chances than she deserves and is now accused of stealing a necklace.  The judge has told her even if she takes the plea deal she will still have to do some jail time, for breaking probation.  She might get off on the theft charges but if that happens she was still in violation of probation which would lead to the slammer.  Maybe that would be good for her, a reality check, she's not above the law.  It seemed to help Paris Hilton, haven't heard much about her since her jail stint.

"Lindsay's preliminary hearing and probation violation case will now be heard at the same time," a source tells the website. "So even if Lindsay is found not guilty of stealing she will be found guilty for her probation violation and sent to jail."