In the case of a $2,500 necklace that Lindsay is accused of stealing she decided NOT to take the plea deal offered her by the prosecution.  The deal would have sent her to jail.Lohan appeared in court today and agreed to a delay of her case that will now call for a hearing where prosecution must present evidence.  There has also recently been a tape released by the store where the theft supposedly occurred.  However, the tape shows a store associate talking with and escorting Lohan out the door while wearing the necklace she is accused of stealing.  Lohan's team hopes that this tape will help their case in which Lohan says she thought the necklace was "on loan" to her.

"Entertainment Tonight" aired the footage, which showed Lohan texting, pacing and talking to a store clerk for nearly 45 minutes. The actress wore the necklace she is accused of stealing for roughly 25 minutes, according to the show, before the clerk escorted Lohan out, smiled and held a door open as she walked out.

This girl can't seem to stay out of trouble.   I think her parents are much to blame as well.  They seem to like the spot light as much if not more than their daughter and now the younger daughter is on the same wrong track.  The older son just changed his name so he wouldn't be associated with the Lohan family.  I think I would too.