Lena Dunham, the star and creator of HBO's 'Girls,' has decided to share the details of a very private moment in her life, with a funny (and timely) twist.

College is a place where the masses enter as immature, feeble-minded children, hoping to exit four years later as still-immature, somewhat less feeble-minded adults.

And undoubtedly, over the course of their education, those students will experience myriad "firsts" they never saw coming — some good. and some bad. Among many of those firsts, Dunham has some powerful words for one in particular: voting season.

Dunham's video (a stealth endorsement for President Barack Obama) humorously spins the the pressures of losing ones' virginity to the right guy by putting in the successes of the current POTUS. And while many have come out against the star's comments — the style as well as the content —the truth is it's the young voters who understand it fully.

The upcoming election is said to be the most important in one in recent years, with many left undecided as to which way they will lean. Perhaps putting the idea into terms young people can relate with, as Dunham did, wasn't the worst idea. Anyhow, maybe she's right... perhaps you do want to do it with the guy who brought the troops out of Iraq.

Either way, come November 8th, be sure to get up and cast your vote!