Now that spring has sprung the need to cut grass is evident, as a matter of fact I had to look twice to find my dog in the back yard, because the grass is so high. When I was younger I really liked mowing, it was like a 'right of passage' you know, a guy thing, the lawn is my turf thing. Today, the wife can have it, as I was mowing I realized, I don't like mowing anymore and it's because I've got an older lawnmower, It's slow and has virtually a 10 mile turning radius. The more I mowed yesterday, the more I loathed mowing, I discovered I want a new mower, I need a new mower, I deserve a new mower after all she just got a new 'Dyson' vacuum cleaner, that's almost the same thing. So my search began.
I should mention here, I've always been a 'John Deere' riding mower kind of guy, but lately here I've been checking out some of the newer brands that have that Z.T.R thing, you know, 'Zero-Turning Radius'. I really want a new diesel or propane powered 'Bad Boy' or a gas powered Gravely, Toro, Ariens, Honda, Snapper or even a commercial brand like 'Simplicity Cobalt'. First I have to find out on if I can even operate a ZTR-mower with one arm, since it appears by the video that it takes two hands to do it. Check it out.

I did find a video during my research that explains why 'beer and lawn mowing equipment' should never mix.

And finally there's the Willie Nelson Bay Boy mower races.