Every once in a while, we hear the story about how a famous person who drops everything to take some time to make someone's day - or life - better. Country star Lauren Alaina found the inspiration to do just that recently, paying a surprise visit to Jordan Trunfio. Jordan is a Springfield, Virginia high school student who is suffering from a brain tumor.

Lauren was performing a concert in nearby Ashburn, Va. the same day as Trufino's Homecoming dance 20 miles away. When someone told the American Idol finalist about Jordan backstage at her show, she responded with a grand gesture. Alaina, who has a cousin battling brain cancer, decided to put on the black dress she wore at The Grand Ole Opry. Needless to say, Jordan was happy. But to make the night even better for the young man, he was named Homecoming King. Check out pictures from the big night here.

In a story on Washington, D.C. radio station WMZQ's website, Trufino was diagnosed with brain cancer in March. Chemotherapy and radiation treatments have not caused the tumor to shrink, and doctors have diagnosed Jordan as terminal. You can check out some of the photos that were taken that night here.

To put Lauren Alaina's kind gesture into perspective, the 17-year old wasn't even able to take time from her tour to attend her own high school's Homecoming festivities. But she took time to do this selfless act. She could have come up with any excuse not to go and make a sick young man feel special, but the 'Georgia Peaches' singer found a way to make it happen.

I love these stories, and I wish they would happen more often. The entertainment world could use more good hearts like Lauren's, who is also using her current tour to help benefit local charities, as well as the Special Olympics.

Here's Lauren Alaina performing (in her 'Homecoming dress') at The Grand Ole Opry: