I don't go to movies often but when I do they are generally romantic comedies, better known as "chick-flicks".

This movie looks like it might just fit that mold.   Larry Crowne is in theaters now.  Watch the trailer.

So I think I might need to go check this one out. It looks like something I might like. Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks don't strike me as a perfect couple but I love both of them and they both make these types of movie work all the time. So why wouldn't it be good.

In the movie Tom Hanks plays Larry Crowne.  A man who has been fired from his job because he doesn't have a college degree.  So he decides to go back to school.  That's where he meets Julia Roberts character, she just happens to be his teacher.  Attraction and funny drama take place and there you have it, Larry Crowne the movie!

Check out the trailer and see what you think!