Labor Day is an American holiday that is observed the first Monday in September and was established to recognize the economic and social contributions of workers.

Being a national holiday and the symbolic end of the summer season, you should be aware of what’s open and what’s closed in the Abilene area.

Banks: Closed

Government Offices/Buildings: Closed

Post Office/Mail Delivery: Closed

Movie Theaters: Open

Libraries: Closed

Schools: Closed

YMCA: Open (holiday hours: 8am-6pm)

Public Pools: Open

Mall of Abilene: Open

Wal-Mart: Open

Target: Open

City and State Parks: Open

Supermarkets: United, HEB, Albertsons, Lawrence Brothers – Open

Liquor Stores: Big Johnson Liquor, Abby’s Bottles & Brew, Pinkies, H&H Liquor Open

You might also be aware that Labor Day is when many business change their hours of operation from summer hours to more of a traditional schedule.

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Fire up that grill and enjoy the holiday