Kyle Park racked up another Texas music chart hit with 'Fit For the King', a tribute to George Strait. Now he looks to follow up that success with a sweet ballad. 'Long Distance Relationship' is sure to pack dance floors everywhere everywhere it's heard. It may also turn out to be Park's most successful single yet.

The genius of 'Long Distance Relationship' is in the simplicity. Piano, vocals, and a conservative dose of piano and fiddle are all the song needs to get the message across. Park, who spends long stretches of time away from his family. is speaking from experience with this song, and he conveys the heartache and pain involved in keeping a long distance relationship alive.

But 'Long Distance Relationship' isn't just for musical road warriors. It can easily relate to families of deployed military, among other relationship situations. The chorus says it all:

It's gonna be a long distance relationship
as long as I keep living like this
You're gonna be alone
More than I get to be home


But somehow this makes the heart grow fonder
Our love just keeps getting stronger
With every kiss
Of this long distance relationship

Simple. Sweet. And although there's plenty of heartache felt in 'Long Distance Relationship', Kyle's new single definitely carries a positive message. Take a listen:

'Long Distance Relationship' is sure to be yet another hit for Park, who is on an impressive roll with his singles. Because of it's deep emotional value and mass appeal (and the fact that it's performed very well by Kyle), don't be surprised if this ends up being his most successful single yet.