Kris Kristofferson is back in twang town for the premier of his new movie, Bloodworth. Many from Nashville's "who's who" society came out to not only support but to rub elbows with this entertainment industry giant.

Kris Kristofferson has always been a major supporter of country music although his Hollywood connections kept him in closer proximity with other genres of music. Kristofferson said "I've always stayed in touch with my roots this is where I started" he continued on "I will never forget this is my home and I got my start here writing songs Nashville put me on the right path, cause I was well on my way to making some really bad choices". I have always been of the opinion that while I don't think Kris can sing, he is a master at song writing. He is bay far the best song writer ever as fare as I'm concerned.
source: The Tennessean