Kimberly Dunn has a level of energy that is matched by few. I learned this in the first few moments I met her. There is no disguising this San Antonio singer/songwriter's enthusiasm for music or life. There's also no disguising the fact that Dunn is pretty darn talented, and she showed off her skills during her visit to the KEAN 105 Afternoon Show.

In the first part of our conversation, Kimberly gave us insight as to when and how she got started in music. "I've been in music all my life. The first musical instrument I ever played was the clarinet, and I played clarinet and saxaphone all the way through college...and I picked up my first guitar after my dad and my family and I, we all saw an Eric Johnson concert in San Antonio, and he played 'Cliffs of Dover' the next day my dad and I, we went and got acoustic guitars, and we taught ourselves, and I have yet to have a lesson on guitar...I love to write poems and stuff, so singing just kind of came along with it. And so I just started writing and playing guitar and it just kind of mashed together.". Here's the first part of our visit:

The second part of my interview had Kimberly explaining how she defines success, telling us, "I think honestly the best success for me is when people dance to my songs, and that's it. I love being on stage, and I love people listening to my music, and being able to relate to my music is just the best feeling in the world. So, doesn't matter if [my song] gets on the chart, as long as I get to keep doing this and, you know, eat...that is success.". She also played a song for us in the studio, called 'Promise Me a Dance'. Take a listen:


You can keep up with Kimberly by visiting her official website, also on Facebook, Twitter and pretty much every other social network imaginable. You can take a listen to Kimberly Dunn music, including the new single 'Randy Rogers', on her Reverbnation page. Thanks for visiting and giving the KEAN Afternoon s shot of energy on a Monday!