Kevin Fowler's KFTV Season 2 is in full swing, and after a trip to the chicken coop in the season debut, Fowler has taken on another challenge. This time around, (probably as payback for all the stuff he blew up in the first season of the web show) the 'How Country Are Ya?' singer is trying his hand at actually building something. Specifically, a barn.

KF offered to help a barn remodel, and was initially given the chance to pitch in by pushing a broom. Kevin turned that job down in favor of cutting wood. They wisely took the circular saw out of his hands and gave him a manual hand saw instead. Fowler gave is best effort, but came up short, and was eventually given a broom. After breaking the broom and throwing it to the ground, I guess Kevin had nothing better to do but get into trouble. Take a look here:

What lesson have we learned? Never leave keys in heavy machinery while Kevin Fowler is around! The video cut away before we found out if he took anyone out or brought the old barn down, but let's just hope for the best.