If you've been on Facebook lately you've seen a lot of different quizzes and trivia games. It seems Kevin Fowler has jumped on the trivia train as well. If you think you might be country then you will definitely want to take this quiz. The app is called How Country Are Ya? which is also the title to his latest album, released March 4th. Now the quiz asks you 8 questions and based on a point system you will be given your...country-ness. (Is that a word?)

So I took the quiz and I am a Corn Husker. A Corn Husker is apparently someone who goes to the rodeo but doesn't ride the bull. So I guess that's saying I only dress the part, I'm not a real country girl? I'm all hat and no cattle. I like my outdoor world but I also like my city conveniences too! Well you get the point.

Want to find out how country you are? Click here and take the quiz.