Doing 200 shows per year for more than decade has earned Kevin Fowler a reputation as one of the best live performers in Texas. Last week, Kevin Fowler stopped by Radio Texas, LIVE! where we got the exclusive scoop on everything from to who he thinks will be the next breakout star in the Texas Music scene. He also shed some light on a few surprises he’s got in store for you with his next album.

In April, Fowler debuted KevinFowler.TV — his own online television program. What began as basically “Blowing S#?t Up” — where he’d, well, blow up stuff, has grown into much, much more.

Fowler says, “[It] started out as just having a camera follow me during my crazy days off, doing the normal redneck stuff I do.” But it’s morphed into something else.

In upcoming episodes Kevin tells us that among other things, he’ll be crawling into a pit of rattlesnakes and learning how to rope and ride broncos, with help from friend and champion bull rider Tuff Hedeman.

The latter of which Fowler said, “I damn near ended up in the hospital.”

When I asked him about the next crop of Texas singer/songwriters Fowler said:

There’s a lot a kids coming out I’m really digging … and that’s what’s going to keep the genre going. It’s just cool watching this thing … 12 years ago it was just me, Pat Green, Cory Morrow, Roger Creager, Boland and Ragweed and just to see what it’s grown into is amazing. It wasn’t even a scene back then, it was just a few boneheads playing the same clubs and to be a part of that has just been really cool.

When asked who he thought was the next breakout Texas artist, he didn’t hesitate: Cody Johnson Band.

Fowler’s latest album “Chippin’ Away” has been out for nearly a year and has already seen three singles hit the top of the Texas charts, including “Hell Yeah, I Like Beer,” “That Girl” and “Girl in a Truck.” With his fourth single out now, I asked Kevin what’s in store for the next album.

Im going back old-school, like beer, bait and ammo days. And I’m trying to write this record at home.

He went on to say he’s already worked with Pat Green, Cody Johnson and Deryl Dodd for the next record.  Kevin also revealed he and Pat Green are collaborating on what will be the new Texas Rangers’ theme song. The two also wrote a song together he hopes will make Green’s new record. Green’s in the studio now working on it.

Hear our entire conversation here:

Fowler’s new single “Here’s to Me and You” is out to radio now, and racing up the Texas charts. And at this pace it is undoubtedly on its way to being his 11th No. 1 in the Lone Star State.

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