The Grammy award winning, singer, songwriter, actor, director, producer and all-around good guy Kenny Rogers will finally share his fascinating lifelong journey and his rise to fame with his memoir, 'Luck or Something Like it' (due to hit bookstores on October 2nd, 2012). The 'Gambler' will embark on a busy fall season with the release of his autobiography.

For more than half a  century, Kenny Rogers has been a staple on the music scene, he has written and recorded some of the most revered music around the world. His autobiography explores the struggles of his long life's journey, from growing up in depression-era Texas in the projects, surviving in poverty while listening to his mother, who always had just the right advise. Rogers also recounts his early years in the music business, sharing stories about the friendships that have meant the most to him like: Dottie West, Lionel Richie and Dolly Parton and how through it all, he continues to make music with the passion that has defined him from the start.

I'll admit it, I'm a fan, I'm a huge fan of Kenny Rogers, it was Kenny and the First Edition that got me hooked onto his incredible vocals and songs. Several years later, it was his lyrical abilities that sewed up the deal for me. When I first heard the lyrics to the song, 'Love Or Something Like It' I knew that Mr. Rogers was the real deal, he connected with me, he knows what's in the heart of every young red blooded American male. Here's what I'm talking about, in the song 'Love or Something Like it' it starts off with:'Show a bar with a good looking woman then just get out of my way'. No doubt he must have read my mind, back when I was in my early twenties.

As I've admitted I'm a fan, always have been always will be, so as far as the new book is concerned I've got friends in line at the book store waiting for the second the book is released, the only thing that would make it sweeter is Kenny himself showing up to autograph a few copies for all us closet Gambler fans.