I'm not much for reality TV, however, I do have a couple of favorites. One is, of course, Duck Dynasty the other is Dancing with the Stars. Duck Dynasty returns this Wednesday with their new season and Dancing with the Stars new cast will be announced tomorrow morning on ABC's Good Morning America. Rumors and speculation have already started as to who the new competitors will be.So we won't know until tomorrow what the final cast will look like but here's the rumors. Maks Chmerkovskiy  has decided not to return this year. There won't be any cat fights with Carrie Ann and no sexy abs; well at least no cat fights with Carrie Ann. Maks brother, Val, apparently is still in for this next season, so the Chmerkovskiy legacy (and Abs) will live on.

It's also been rumored that two country artists will join the cast of celebrity dancers. Kellie Pickler and Wynonna have both been rumored to be contestants this year.

Now I have my opinion on this selection and that is that Kellie Pickler isn't such a bad choice, but Wynonna I'm afraid would be a bit out of her realm. Kellie got her start on reality TV as a contestant on American Idol and she has a great platform philanthropically speaking. Her best friend was recently diagnosed with breast cancer so I can see Kellie giving her show earnings to a charity such as Susan G. Komen.

Wynonna, I just don't see her as a contestant. Not that she wouldn't be a great 'character' on the show, she wouldn't take anything off the Judges,  but as far as dancing I just don't see it. Now mom Naomi, I can totally see dancing on the show.  I love Wynonna so I won't be disappointed if she is on the show but I'm not holding my breath.

It wouldn't be the first time country women appeared on the show. Sara Evans was a contestant in 2011 and Dolly Parton turned down her chance at the mirror ball trophy. I personally would like to see Reba take a turn on the dance floor!

I guess tomorrow we will know for sure. Season 16 of Dancing with the Stars will debut March 18th on ABC.

If rumors are correct what do you think of Kellie and/or Wynonna as contestants?