Keith Urban is working on a new album as we discussed last week, but he's recently been in Australia working on "The Voice" Australia too. So it would stand to reason that he would be approached about being a new judge on "American Idol" here in the states.

Until now though, no was sure if it was just a rumor or if he had actually been asked to be a judge or not. Urban confirmed during a recent radio interview in Australia that he had in fact been asked about being a new judge.

However, Urban says they've been asking a lot of people and he thinks they were just putting out feelers and see if they got any bites. Also approached, have been Brad Paisley and Toby Keith, both of which turned down the invite.

Urban says he too said no, due to the fact that HIS music comes first and he is currently working on a new album already. He says it's strange how all of these opportunities come at the same time and it can get a little overwhelming.

Sometimes you just have to say "no" and do what's important to you. For Urban that seems to be making music and getting it out to the fans. So, while we won't see him weekly on TV we can expect a great new album soon.

By the way Urban says the new music will be something you've never heard from him before; it will be fresh, different and exciting.