Anyone that knows me pretty well, knows that I'm a huge Keith Urban fan. I held mixed emotions when I submitted Urban into the Shootout up against the new reigning King of Texas music Kevin Fowler. I should have known that Fowler would fold like my grandmas church fan. That said a few weeks ago long before I considered putting Keith up against Kevin on our online fan voting page, Mr. Urban the guitar slinging virtuoso appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show that is where I first heard that the next single off the Get Closer album would be You Gonna Fly. After watching him perform the song, I knew it's another one of his songs on it's way to the number one slot, where I predict it will stay for a couple of weeks.
Currently Urban is having a little medical procedure done on his vocal chords. The early word is that he will not be able to perform for quite some time and Keith will need time to recover from his throat surgery at the end of the month. I'll be willing to bet that he'll at least try to make a showing at the "All For The Hall" January fund-raiser in Nashville Tennessee. Please keep Keith Urban and his family in your prayers and go vote for him on the Shootout.