If I told you that half the earth was on fire would you believe me? It sure seems like it to me. Here's what I'm talking about, our keanradio.com website has a new weather feature that helps you track bad weather and a far better radar. But it also allows you to track the fires that burn out of control, not only here in West Texas but all around the world. There is a certain feature that shows half of Africa and a good deal of South America on fire. all we ever hear about around these parts is the local range fire that burned down somebody's fence and/ or barn. at least check it out, here's how.

When I first started playing with the "Intellicast" radar I noticed that this new weather feature allows the user far more control than any NOAA weather service radar I've ever worked before. Here's how to get to what I call "A World On Fire".

Click on the weather tab above, when the page fully loads, the radar will be on the right side of your screen, now click on the "overlays" tab when the drop down appears select the "Wild Fire Detection", now minimize by clicking on the "overlays" tab again. At this point you're just seeing the local radar, right? On the left side start slowly zooming out by clicking on the "minus" tab until the map comes into focus. You'll be able to keep up with the fires that are burning up our planet. And you wonder where global warming is coming from. As I've often said and revealed in a recent blog; we can cool the earth and create more rain by planting more trees and shrubs, however not to close to the house as trees and/or shrubs are the major reason dwellings go up in flames during the wildfires.

And I thought we in Texas and our  neighbors in California, Arizona and New Mexico were cursed with wildfires. I will never complain about them ever again, NASA has been tracking the wildfires for years check out the video below. And one real puzzling question here, why have we not heard a word, not so much as a peep from the news media about the other country's wildfires?