In my younger days I used to participate in a little karaoke. I of course had to have a friend or two by my side, no solo karaoke for me.
Plus it was preceded by a few adult beverages for courage.

There are a few places around town that offer you a chance to display your talents or what YOU seem to think is talent. Everyone's a superstar in their own mind. I think the strangest place I ever did karaoke was in Houston when I was in college. I had a roommate that was Korean and we went to a Korean karaoke bar. Yes, the lyrics were in Korean, so I did my best to remember the words on my own. It was quite funny and embarrassing I must confess, but no one new me and this was before phones had video technology, thank goodness!!

My next best night was at a friends house who had a personal karaoke machine. His dad was visiting and had brought it with him so we decided it needed a good breaking in; along with the bottle of tequila he brought. Unfortunately none of us were signed by a record label that night. I'm just surprised the police weren't called thinking we were killing cats.

I asked around to see if any of my running buddies had any pictures of us on stage back in the day, surprisingly the answer was no. Somehow if I was running for office I'm sure some would surface. Our favorite song to sing was B-52's "Love Shack" and we did it with dance moves and all. Since there doesn't seem to be any proof, just take my word, we looked and sounded awesome!

Here are a few places to get your karaoke on in Abilene:
The Firehouse Bar & Grill -Facebook

Remington's Restaurant & Lounge-Facebook

Jack Rabbit Slims-Facebook

Chelsea Street Pub-Facebook

Where is your favorite place to karaoke in Abilene? What's your favorite song to sing? And what's your most memorable moment on stage? Please share your story with us so we can get a good laugh!!