Justin Timberlake's music has evolved over the past 2 decades, but the former boy band standout turned solo sensation has stayed firmly in the pop music genre. But Timberlake (who grew up in Memphis, Tennessee) is the first to admit that he will always have a fondness for country music, and still dreams of being a country star someday.

According to Taste of Country, in a recent interview on Sirius XM, Justin shared:

"Grew up outside of Memphis, Tennessee. Listened to country music, R&B music, classic rock, you know, everything. You know what I love about Nashville too? You don’t have to have an official single to have a single. That’s my favorite part about the scene in Nashville."

Timberlake's latest single might be his first offering to suggest a country music influence. 'Drink You Away' from his album '20/20 Experience Part 2', and the sound has a more organic, folk sound. But the lyrics are definitely country-influenced. Check out the chorus for 'Drink You Away':

I can't drink you away
I've tried Jack, I've tried Jim
I've tried all of their friends
I can't drink you away
All these rocks, I can't swim out of this skin, oh baby them say
Now tell me, baby, don't they make a medicine for heart break
Ooh, no, tell me baby, oh yeah
Now don't they make a medicine for heart break

Justin is nominated in several categories at this year's American Music Awards. He is nominated for Artist of the Year, Favorite Soul Artist, R&B Male Artist and Album, and Favorite Pop/Rock Male Artist and Album. But Timberlake (jokingly?) stated:

"I still got my eyes set on a Best Country Album [nomination], there is time for that".

If this all sounds too far-fetched, take a moment to think about all the acts that have recently crossed over to country music. Darius Rucker (Hootie & the Blowfish), Sheryl Crow, Aaron Lewis (Staind) and Kelly Clarkson have all successfully jumped, so why not JT?