Josh Ward stopped by the KEAN-105 studios and dropped off his new single recently. While Josh writes or co-writes most of his own music, he was so moved by a song written by his friend, Scott Brown (The Scooter Brown Band), that he asked permission to record it for his CD 'Promises'. Brown granted permission, the song was recorded, and now it's Ward's newest single. And one of the most heartfelt songs you might hear on the radio these days.

'Sent Me You' is more than just a love song. It goes deeper. This song is a reflection of a man who has lived a rough life, made his share of mistakes, and hits his turnaround point. With sincere intentions, he makes a plea to Jesus to help him right his wrongs. Featuring little more than piano throughout, an understated guitar solo and Ward's vocals, it's as simple as a song can get. But that's all it needs to capture the intended emotion of the song perfectly. Here they are:

I got tattoos, and I got scars
I've got patches that have mended broken hearts
I got stories of failure and glory
I've been down to the bottle so many times
And I called out to Jesus as a stranger
I asked for forgiveness, He sent me an angel


I drank whiskey, and I've smoked weed
Been hopelessly addicted to pain surrounding me
And I've been lonesome, and I've been sold
I've done a hundred miles an hour to the bottom of my soul
And I called out to Jesus as a stranger
I asked for forgiveness, he sent me an angel


I got hope, and I got dreams
I got a woman that I love, and she's lying next to me
And I have faith, and I have love
And that stranger I call Him father and I pray to Him for us
And I called out to Jesus as a stranger
I asked for forgiveness, he sent me an angel


And I called out to Jesus for the truth
I asked for forgiveness, and he sent me you

This is a beautiful song, sung and performed exceptionally well. It's got to be a challenge for a singer to make a song that was written by someone else 'his own', as they say. But Josh Ward pulls it off. He captures the honest emotion in 'Sent Me You', and unless you saw Scott Brown's name in the songwriting credits or heard him sing the song first, you'd swear that this was Josh's song. Ward gets a ton of credit for accomplishing such a feat.

There's no predicting what a song like this may do on radio, simply because it's extremely soft and slow. But that doesn't speak to the quality of the song or performance. This is a musical gem. Take a listen:

What do you think of 'Sent Me You'?