Here are the top 5 stories for the past week just in cased you missed one.

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    Listen to the New Johnny Cash Song “She Used to Love Me A Lot”

    A new Johnny Cash album is not due in stores until the middle of March, where did the new Johnny Cash music come from? Cash’s son, John Carter Cash told Rolling Stone Magazine that he found a huge “stash of Johnny and wife June Carter’s effects”. In those ‘effects’ was an album the Johnny recorded in the ’80′s but never released. It includes the song “She Used to Love Me A Lot” that also features a young Marty Stuart on mandolin. Check it out.

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    The Fernandez Family Cats Have Chameleon Like Characteristics

    Anyone that knows me knows I love animals so, few years ago my wife Donna showed up with two tailless cats she/we adopted. When I first saw them I named the male Moo and the female Cow. These two have been the source of a lot of great enjoyment and entertainment for our family. It wasn’t until Donna changed the rug in the living room, that I realized our family cats have chameleon like characteristics. I have to be real careful where I walk now because these guys are lazy, to say the least. Click through and see for yourself.

    Photo by: Rudy Fernandez
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    Brian Keane ‘Coming Home’ – CD Review

    With his uncanny ability to write songs that appeal to regular folks and the success of his previous CD, ’90 Miles an Hour’, Brian Keane has become one of Texas music’s favorite songwriters. And he’s taken his craft to the next level with the release of his latest CD, ‘Coming Home’.

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    The Texas Wild Bunch Bonanza BBQ and Auction is Set for Jan. 25th Near Coronado’s Camp

    It’s time again for the Annual Texas Wild Bunch Bonanza Cook Off and Auction Saturday, January 25th. Attendees get to sample everything from quail, deer, elk, moose, chicken, catfish, beef brisket and smoked wild hog to some of them tasty jalapeno poppers. The Texas Wild Bunch Bonanza is an annual fundraiser for the ECCA Volunteer Fire Department. Last years proceeds netted ECCA’s volunteer fire department a brand new firefighting tanker truck.

    (Photo by Miles Willis/Getty Images
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    Abilene Makes Forbes List of 25 Best Places to Retire in 2014

    Abilene, Texas finds itself on the list of Forbes’ list of 25 best place to retire in 2014. The business magazine cites several reasons that someone would want to settle in the Key City and spend their golden years.

    The Grace Museum photo by: Rudy Fernandez